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We hope you enjoyed it while it existed. Happy Trails, Snowman!



Online Data Guide for Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers

Welcome to Hikerbox, home of THE Databook, an online database containing Appalachian trail data and elevation maps for long distance hikes, weekend hikes and hiking enthusiasts. If you want to hike the Appalachian Trail, whether you’re just popping out for a day hike or planning an expedition, take a look in THE Databook Appalachian trail guide for information.

THE Databook is an online community database of information for long-distance trails and its hikers.
Click The Appalachian Trail Databook link above to access the main databook page.

It’s not just Rick that’s DANGEROUS

The data held within the Thru-Hikers-Electronic-Databook (THED) is now dangerously out of date. Because of the potential for serious harm that this could cause real people out there on the trail I have decided to take this website and THED offline. If anyone is interested in taking over then please get in touch, otherwise I … Continue reading »

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