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Posted by on May 1, 2015

A rather momentous (or maybe mountainous) moment here at

– the view from Mt Katahdin is awesome and the online AT databook is finally done!


Just over 10 YEARS since I started thru-hiking the AT, and now 9 years, 4 months, and a few days since I staggered back home, we’ve digitally reached Mt Katahdin!!

Yep, I have actually finished most of 😉 the data entry for the Appalachian Trail on the Thru-Hiker’s Electronic Databook (THED).

I hope it proves to be beneficial to anyone using it, but be warned, the data is now about 9 years out of date!


So what’s next on the virtual Appalachian Trail Databook?


I guess it’s time to start thinking about phase 2, which will entail a major rewrite of the THED system from the ground up. Ten years is a long time in the fast paced computing world and the site is rather dated now, but happily still functional. So far my focus has been on data not functionality.

I’ll write more about phase 2 when I’ve planned it out, but it definitely needs to include proper facilities for entering Town data which the current system doesn’t provide very well – one of the reasons you won’t find much Appalachian Trail town data at the moment. (The other reason being that my town data will not be accurate any longer, so it’s going to be down to volunteer digital hikers like yourself to get that town data and resupply point info entered for future AT thru-hikers and section hikers.)

In phase 2 I also want to map each data entry to the USGS map location and ensure that elevation values are present for all entries – the current data is a bit hit or miss depending on my enthusiasm and energy at the time of entry 🙂

Like all good pinnacles of achievement, it’s now time for some alchohol!

Be free and be safe out there.





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