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Old News

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A rather momentous (or maybe mountainous) moment here at – the view from Mt Katahdin is awesome and the online AT databook is finally done!   Just over 10 YEARS since I started thru-hiking the AT, and now 9 years, 4 months, and a few days since I staggered back home, we’ve digitally reached Mt … Continue reading »

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I’m in a state…

.. and that state is New Hampshire.  Only NH and Maine to go now until all my major data has been entered into THED. After the Main (sic) data has been entered I’m hoping to focus on a site redesign to make it easier for users to add comments and update the existing data to … Continue reading »

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Firefox CSP Problems

Please note that THED does not currently work if you are using Firefox. Firefox has implemented the Content-Security-Policy which prevents all inline javascript from running, which THED uses for the button clicks. It will be a little while until I get around to fixing this issue, so please use another browser in the interim (both … Continue reading »

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New Features?

As the summer heat picks up and our fellow thru-hikers are fighting with horseflies, dwindling water supplies and sticky, itchy, mosquito’d nights in the shelters, my thoughts are turning to changes here at THED, the electronic databook for the Appalachian Trail. It’s been on my mind for a while now to do some revamping of … Continue reading »

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A Bumpy Ride

Apologies for the access problems to lately – it was due to a transfer of domain registrar which didn’t go quite as planned, leaving the site offline for over a week! We’re back up and running now (as you can see) and I hope your hike planning goes well.

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Still trudging along

It’s a long old journey, and unless you are doing it day in, day out then the path never seems to get much shorter. No, I’m not talking about the trail, I’m describing the other lonely journey of website developer. Hikerbox is still up and running and the renewal is due shortly, but have no … Continue reading »

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We’re moving again

Hopefully you won’t have noticed, but we’ve moved webhost again. If you can see this, then you’re using the new system.  I haven’t managed to do any updates that I had planned for 2012, but this is the first step and, time allowing, I’m excited about redeveloping THED and making it even better.

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What’s New for 2012…

Welcome to the All New I’ll be making some changes around here in 2012, and the first one is the facelift and functionality update to the website allowing a bit more community interaction from y’all. Later on I’m planning on doing a complete re-write of THE Databook using the CodeIgniter programming framework. This … Continue reading »

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One Thousand Miles

Woohoo, it’s only taken me 5 years of toil, but I have now reached 1000 miles of Appalachian Trail data which I have dragged kicking and screaming out of my various notes and observations during my thru-hike. Unfortunately, that means that the data I have entered will now also be out of date by a … Continue reading »

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Rick’s Message for 2012

OOPS! It was all Rick’s fault, honest! It looks like ‘Rick’ has an apology to make, because he caused Hikerbox to go offline for the past month. He denies all responsibility, but I’m not letting him get away with it, no siree! Anyway, now that he appears to have paid the hefty ransom, we again … Continue reading »

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